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Deliver a positive patient experience, while reducing the load on the clinic staff.

Reliable, secure, and cost-effective AI powered phone  and chat system for healthcare providers.
Happy Patient

Patient Benefits

  • Patient empowerment

  • Calls and chats are always answered instantanously.

Happy Doctor

Practice Benefits

  • Automate communication

  • Be available 24/7 on phone and chat

  • Reduce admin workload

How it works

What makes Answer Me Bob special?

Bob's Smart

Answer Me Bob is a combination of AI and human interaction that is going to save you time, money and stress. Bob can remember your business information, all about service details and policies. Bob is consistent and always learning.

Bob's Fast

Bob understands multiple languages and instantly delivers the right answer. When needed, Bob can hand the chat over to one of your team members.

Bob Integrates

Book Me Bob integrates with most common business systems and can pass on enquiries to a central CRM system, and check your availability and booking systems.


Florence help customers and the practice by providing  seamless conversations

Pre Qualification

during lead capture

Routing Tickets

to the right franchisee & location

After-hours Support

on phone & chat

Book a Service

capturing accurate information

Answering FAQ's

about clinic & services

Take Payments

securely online

Schedule Appointments

New, change and cancel appointments

Collect Contact Details

for prospects & customers


about peak times, call handle times and accuracy

Why digital employee is a must?



of people, if not answered the first time, will not contact back


of the people search for services in the evenings & weekends


of all B2B companies will employ AI to augment at least one of their primary sales processes.

AI powered bots handle a greater volume of conversations at

1/10 of the cost

Not responding instantly reduce chances to get the effective contact back by up to


Choose your digital employee’s personality

Bob | Wallis | Sam | Alice | Sid | Sami | Nova | Brand your Own
Kess, New Zealand

"Our newly appointed digital employee is handling 100's of queries a month and generating leads for our franchisee's"

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Request a demo

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