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Deliver a positive patient experience, while reducing the load on the clinic staff.

Reliable, secure, and cost-effective AI powered phone  and chat system for healthcare providers.

Proudly selected for Microsoft's Project Amplify 2022 Cohort is one of 33 international companies selected as a part of Microsoft and Accenture's Project Amplify 2022 Cohort. has been determined by Microsoft to display significant global social impact in the healthcare industry.*

As one of New Zealand's Amplify companies, we are committed to leading healthcare administration innovation.

*AI communication is proven to reduce up to 20% of reception workload

What is

  • is a combination of AI voice and chatbot that knows everything about your practice.

  • AI Voice is integrated into your phone systems, while the chatbot answers all your patient enquiries online on your website, Facebook and Google listing.

  • Dora handles your communications so you have more quality time.

What makes Dora special?


Understands your clinic's unique requirements is a combination of AI with seamless handover for human interaction, that is going to save you time, money, and stress. Regardless of your patient and practice needs, once trained, Dora can remember your clinic information and communicates consistently.

Empowers Patients

  • No wait time for the patient

  • Contact the clinic 24/7

  • Keep your patients up to date with your practice with custom messages, especially with changing Covid-19 restrictions


Benefits the Practice is built by healthcare frontline, and busy practice administrative staff.

  • Communications Hub for your clinic

  • Simple to use

  • Runs on autopilot. Dora provides 24 hour support, particularly during busy clinic times, or can be overridden manually

Dora helps patients and the practice by providing  seamless conversations

Visual Voice Mail

You can discreetly read your voicemail or press play to listen to your voicemail.

Instant Replies

Reply with an automated call or a text, straight from your Message box

After-hours Support

on phone & chat


Dora can communicate to customers in the language of their choice

Answering FAQ's

Inform patients about your clinic and services, and update these anytime

Message Transcription

Securely converts all voice conversations into text and store for reference

Schedule Appointments

New, change and cancel appointments


Artificial intelligence will alert you to the urgent messages.


Data Insights about peak contact times, call handling and accuracy and most asked questions


Our Clients

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